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Family-Owned and Operated Business

At Bryce Canyon Kennel Doodles, doodles are our passion! We are a family business in every way. We started with two goldendoodles. My wife and I got Blaze and my son, John, wanted a puppy so we found Cocoa for him. Soon after my parents wanted a fur baby, so we found Goldie. A year later they decided Goldie needed a friend, so we found a beautiful mini in Copper. My sister loves golden retrievers and so she has Angel and Ruby. We all live on the same block. My mom and dad are retired and my wife Lesa works from home, so our fur family is never alone. My boys are truly amazing when it comes to taking care of these little ones they love to play with the puppies, and we all share the work to bring these bundles of joy to you in a responsible way.

Family Picture


F1 Goldendoodles and mini Goldendoodles are a mix of a Poodle (or mini Poodle) with a Golden Retriever. Goldendoodles are friendly companions that get along with everyone. Because of their temperament, Goldendoodles usually get along very well with children and other family pets. Goldendoodles are friendly, outgoing, intelligent, and can be highly obedient with proper training. F1b Goldendoodles are F1 Goldendoodles that are bred back to a poodle. Breeding a first generation Goldendoodle back to a a standard Poodle or mini Poodle ensures a higher probability of a non-shedding coat, which are especially good for families with allergies.

F1b mini Mountain Doodles are a mix of a mini Poodle and a Mountain Dog. Mountain Doodles  tend to be loyal and less active than some other doodle breeds. They are hypoallergenic, non-drooling, highly loyal and can be a variety of colors. If you're looking for a fluffy companion who loves to be with you, look no further than a mini Mountain Doodle!

Happy, Healthy, and Ready their Forever Home

All our dogs are health and DNA tested and at two we OFA Certify elbows and hips. We also use embark to guarantee a genetically clean puppy for your family. We take every precaution to make sure our puppies are taken care of and are socialized to kids and adults as well as other dogs and noises. We also have all of our puppies crate and litter box trained to help you transition into house training. We give all our dogs a nutritional supplement. The brand we use is NuVet, and we recommend it to our puppy’s new families. To learn more about it click HERE. Our top priority is to make sure your experience of bringing a new puppy home is enjoyable and that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Goldendoodle Puppy
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